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George Upperman Jr.

Willie, the owner of Endless Summer Pool Service, does an amazing job. We moved to Venice in December of 2021. We continued using the pool service company the prior owners were using. We were not happy with that company. I noticed a lot of cutting corners during the sevices. I and several neighbors decided to switch services. I and a couple other neighbors started using Endless Summer Pool Service. From that first service we noticed a huge difference in the services. We have been getting top notch service ever since. Willie does exactly what he says and on time. Even while dealing with his own hurricance issues, Willie kept us in the loop via email regarding post storm services. He showed up one day later than our normal service date. Endless Summer Pool Service delivers!

Services: Netting, Wall brushing, Water treatment
Joanne D
Englewood, Fl

Always impressed reading the weekly report of the chemicals and seeing the before and after. Always thoughtful and ensures the pool is clean and spotless with beautiful water.

Dianna Sandy
Venice, Fl

Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. I couldn’t be more pleased with this company!

Johanna L

Couldn’t be happier! We get a before and after photo as well as chemical report and the price is super reasonable.

Brian B

Willie is very professional and consistent, we have had a great experience with his company and service. They send a before and after report with pictures on every weekly visit, and the cost and value is very reasonable. Thanks we appreciate you!


The best pool person we have ever had!


Today was another great service call. Yours is absolutely the best pool service we have had in the 20 years we have been here. Thank you!